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You don't have to be in the mountains to change your viewpoint...but, it doesn't hurt.

Nestled in the mountains of Lake Lure, North Carolina, each of our properties offers a relaxing escape from a busy life, so you can re-engage with your happy, peaceful side.

At Buffalo Junction Properties, we provide the friendly, attentive services you desire, while giving you space to breathe in all that the area offers. We will guide you through each step of your rental process, and greet you upon arrival so you can relax during your stay.

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The Buffalo Junction Properties

We believe in providing personalized service to ensure your experience is everything you hoped it would be. Our community prides itself on friendly hospitality, and that's exactly what you get with Buffalo Junction Properties.


Personalized Check-In Service

Emails are sent to guests prior to arrival providing directions and access code. Once at the VR property, we welcome guests by phone, review procedures and remain available throughout their stay via text, call or email to ensure effective communication and personal attention.

Attention To Detail

We take care of the small details, ensuring each property is carefully prepared for each guest. Specific to each home, an information binder is provided for guests to refer to, including step-by-step how to use, area information, phone numbers as well as check-out procedures.

Concierge Services

Whether you want a fully-stocked cabin, need catering services, or are looking for dining or activity recommendations, we provide the concierge services you're looking for.

Relax & Unplug

The Lake Lure area offers peace and tranquility at every turn. From the quiet crickets by the streams and rivers, to the birdsongs that greet you in the morning, you'll love reconnecting while disconnecting.

It's Better At The Lake

Lake Lure offers fun times for your whole family. Swimming, kayak, paddle-board, and boat rentals get you started. Take a scenic boat tour, and stroll Morse Park for the whole package.

Find A Little Adventure

Experience the adventures that call out to you. Whether you feel like a strenuous hike, zip-lining among the treetops, golf at any of the three local courses with majestic mountain views, or enjoying local cuisine and entertainment, it's all here for you.

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Please Note: To protect our clients, we do NOT market our properties on Craigslist and reservations made through this and other unofficial sites are not honored. Protect yourself and book directly through this website.